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Q&A with Doug Lane, Owner of Signal 88 Security of Columbia: A Unique Business for a Unique Community

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Owning your own business can be tough, but it can be even harder for a small business owner operating in a small market. Many find that there just aren’t enough customers or clients to buy their product or service. Operators in these markets must be fully in tune with their community to meet their unique needs. Doug Lane, owner of Signal 88 Security of Columbia, Missouri, is a perfect example of a business owner that does just that.

Doug has been operating his Signal 88 Security Franchise for close to three years and has built unique and valuable relationships with his community. One such area of focus for him has been the local colleges such as the University of Missouri. He first started providing security services for college campuses in 2011 and quickly found it to be lucrative and in high demand.

“All fraternities need some sort of leadership and security program, they just might not know it. They quickly realize our value when we prove how much we actually care about the success of their houses and leadership. We aren’t just another security company there to bust them, but we want to help improve their lives and programs.”

Now Doug is a member of the Interfraternity Council, or IFC, and is the only security provider in the organization.

“I realized that there were serious security issues with many of these houses, so a partner of mine and I created a Fraternity Audit Program and a Fraternity Safety Program which was adopted by the IFC. These audits consist of grading the houses like a report card; we not only check the obvious things like alcohol and drug safety, but also make sure the house is safe to live in. We look at fire hazards, check the perimeters, and really help improve the quality of life. We do these audits a few times a month for around 28 houses in the area.”

As Signal 88 of Columbia continues to grow, Doug continues to stay actively involved in the community. They have recently provided security for large college events, volunteered their service at a Camp Wonderland benefit concert, and helped at the Ribs and Blues Festival.

“When I became a Signal 88 Franchise Owner, I did it for the same reason I entered law enforcement. I didn’t get in it for money, but more for benefit of community.I don’t feel like I’m simply working for a client, but rather I feel like we are truly making a difference in our community.”

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