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National Account Relationships Drive Revenue for Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security

Technology and information continue to play a bigger part in today’s world. Messaging, services, and products are all being personalized to the consumer and businesses are focusing on creating meaningful, personal relationships with their customers and clients.

Signal 88 Security understands that these relationships can make or break a small business’ success. The company helps franchise owners create and maintain those relationships with a growing network of trusted national partners.

Many of these national accounts begin with single, local contracts and a franchise owner who delivers outstanding service. One such example is Signal 88’s “Platinum” partnership with Greystar, the largest property management company in the United States.

“Our relationship with Greystar, which is one of our larger national accounts, was born through our franchise owners in the South East,” said Justin Unrau, Director of National Accounts for Signal 88.

“We provided professional, valuable services at a few of their communities in the south, and the management at Greystar loved them so much that they decided to extend the relationship to properties across the country.”

Signal 88 has also expanded their national account with Walmart. Just last year, the network has seen a 123% increase in the number of Walmart clients.

“National clients like Walmart are looking for consistency and uniformity in the security services they receive, which is one of the great advantages of our franchise model,” Unrau said.

“We are seeing more opportunities to serve Walmart stores because our franchise owners offer services that rise above the competition. Store owners are impressed and put in a good word with higher-ups who decide it would be great to have our services not only at one location, but hundreds!”

“These national accounts continue to play a vital role in our revenue growth and the success of our franchises. They account for nearly 20% of revenue across our franchise system and we estimate that number will grow as we work to secure more national partners.”

“Although Signal 88 is a national company, local owners are responsible for their relationships,” said Jeff Chovan, owner of Signal 88 Security of Denver and Phoenix.

“When it comes down to it, it’s my partnership, so I focus on it and I own it in a way that bigger competitors — who are out of touch — can’t do. I’m very attentive to clients like Greystar and Walmart, so they’re comfortable with us, they trust us, and we’re their resource for security needs.”

Signal 88 is looking for new local franchise owners to deliver the exceptional service and peace of mind our many national partners have come to expect.

Markets are available where national accounts are not being serviced and demand is high. Learn more about Signal 88’s model and starting a franchise in these markets at

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