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"Attitude Reflects Leadership, Captain": The Franchisee as Team Captain

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In the 2001 classic film Remember the Titans, tensions flare between football team captain Gerry Bertier and his eventual best friend, Julius Campbell, at the end of a grueling preseason practice.

The argument’s last word goes to Campbell, who responds to a charge of bad attitude with an accusation of his own: “Attitude reflects leadership, captain.”

While your business relationships will hopefully never be quite as heated, Campbell rightly identified the importance of a steadfast leadership in sports, in business, and in life.

At Signal 88, we look to train leaders who can build a team and pilot it to success. You’ll have officers and staff looking your way for guidance, and a community counting on you to provide peace of mind.

In short, we’re looking for team captain personalities who exhibit “the Four Cs:”

Caring: A good captain knows that his “teammates’ strength is a complement to his weakness, and not a threat.”* He takes the time to get to know his teammates and their skills, and multiplies them into a powerful force.

Courageous: A good captain’s currency is her honor and integrity. Through her virtue she earns the trust and loyalty of her team, and in turn they will rally behind her through thick and thin.

Consistent: A good captain is tireless and tenacious in matters big and small. He does ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Confident: A good captain inspires those around her through relentless positivity, and an enthusiastic attitude toward life’s challenges. In criticism, she is unfailingly kind and constructive.

A thriving Signal 88 franchise has a team captain personality at the helm.

If you have what it takes, watch this short video on Signal 88’s vision and the opportunities for franchising success in your area.

Through mentorship and support from the corporate office and your fellow Franchise Owners, you’ll have the opportunity to flourish as a leader and create a legacy of success.

* Quote from Christine Caine, Australian activist (1966-)

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