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A Process with a Purpose

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No one likes to be sold. This is especially true in the franchising world, where there are lots of negative stigmas associated with franchise sales.

Many franchise systems use brokers or commissioned salespeople, who earn a living solely from the number of franchises they sell. With that comes broken promises, false information, and no consideration for the final result.

At Signal 88 Security, we treat our franchise development process much differently.

For starters, we don’t have designated sales people. Qualified leads go through a series of calls with members of our executive team. Finding the right Franchise Owner is important to us so we have our executive team heavily involved in the process. We are a people-based service and it is critical that the owners of each franchise are as dedicated and passionate as we are.

Signal 88 is looking for true business partners, partners who increase the value of the Signal 88 Security brand. Below is an outline of how the Signal 88 Franchise Discovery Journey unfolds:

1. Interested parties fill out the Inquiry Form on or submit their information through an advertising source to connect with us. 

2. Once we get your information, we will send you a link to our Introductory Video. This video highlights our brand vision, the business model we've refined to be the most successful, how we differentiate ourselves in the security industry, and our corporate team's support and services which are also very unique in franchising. Hopefully, this is enough information for you to decide whether to to opt into our discovery process. 

3. Interested candidates will then complete the Franchise Candidate Application (FCA) form at the end of the video. This form gives the management team more context about the lead's background, aspirations, and other pertinent personal details. This information is strictly confidential and is never shared with outside sources.

4. Once the FCA is received, candidates will be assessed based on their responses. If the requirements are met, an "About You" call will be set up with one of our executive team members. The intent is to get to know you better and make sure you have many of the characteristics that we know are vital to the successful operation of a Signal 88 franchise. 

5. After the “About You” call comes the “About Us” call. During this call, we share our company’s vision and core values. Once we have confidence that our vision and values are in alignment, we provide you with more detailed information about our brand, business model, financing options, general territory options, and straight answers to any outstanding questions.

6. Next, you have a call with a different member of the executive team. This is generally an overview call to ensure multiple people have met you before any offering is made to become a franchise owner. 

7. The next call covers your needs, budget, and timeline. Discussion centers around all of the elements of your required business plan, including how you plan to start your operations, financing options required, territory mapping, the timeline leading to your official launch, and any other vetting that needs to be completed. 

8. The next call is with Signal 88's CEO, Reed Nyffeler. During this call, Reed will review our vision, core values, and how he can help you succeed. He will also review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD is a lengthy document containing information that is required to be disclosed to you by the Federal Trade Commission. Even thought it's lengthy, it does include a lot of great information such as initial costs, financial representations, franchise listing, and even a copy of our franchise agreement that you'll be signing. 

9. After the CEO call, the lead submits a Confidential Financial Questionnaire. This allows us to run a credit check and background check.

10. After successfully processing the credit and background checks, you will travel to Signal 88 headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, for Partner Commitment Day. This is a full day of getting to know our support team.  You will sign the franchise agreement with our CEO, be introduced to the entire Signal 88 team, and together we will celebrate you joining the Signal 88 Family!

11. Once an official franchise owner, you’ll be introduced with our Launch Coordinator to get all the necessary tasks done to prepare for training in Omaha and your eventual launch. You will visit a top franchise market to do field training for a few days and then you’ll be ready to launch.  At launch, a business coach will come to your market to help you get started.

12. Even though training and launch are completed, our support teams are always here to help. We’ll push new initiatives, best practices, training and even see you at our annual franchise convention to ensure we, as a whole, are staying at the top of the industry.  Your fellow franchise owners are also very connected to each other and support each other along the way.

Although on paper the process looks lengthy, it can be accomplished in as few as 45 days. The typical time frame is roughly three months, but everything depends on your unique circumstances.

We recognize this is a big commitment, which is why we commit ourselves to guiding you — patiently and personally — from beginning to end.

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