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Creating Peace of Mind

Signal 88 Security's safety tips and insights blog providing our communities with detailed content to assist in providing a peace of mind. 
Signal 88 Security
Campus Security: Why it Matters

Entering the collegiate life can be full of excitement, stress and lots of..

Signal 88 Security
Partnering with Properties' Courtesy Officers

Courtesy officers are an important position for many apartment communities...

Signal 88 Security
As Temperatures Increase, So Do Opportunities for Crime

For most people, summer is the time of year to look forward to. Nice..

Signal 88 Security
The Power of Local Business

Big brands with big money have changed the shopping habits of consumers over..

Signal 88 Security
5 Tips to Consider for Event Security

Event planning is stressful, especially when thousands of people are..

Signal 88 Security
Why Security Backed Experience Matters

A retired military officer with over 23 years of experience of service in..

Signal 88 Security
How well do you know your property's security risks?

You're the property manager for your company, leaving after a long day of..

Signal 88 Security
Fast Solutions for Parking Enforcement Needs

It's 6pm on a Tuesday night and you're finally pulling into your apartment..

Signal 88 Security
Don't Skimp on Credit Card Skimmer Security

It’s easy to complain about the price of gas or having to get out and pump..

Signal 88 Security
5 reasons why you should consider retail security services

The world of retail shopping has changed dramatically over the years. The..

Signal 88 Security
Here are a few things you should know about self-storage security

Once seen as a luxury service for most Americans, self-storage has quickly..

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