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Security 101: 4th of July Safety Tips

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American Independence began exactly 241 years ago on July 4th, 1776 with the creation of the Declaration of Independence that recognized certain unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today, we celebrate these freedoms and those who provide us peace of mind, that we may pursue them. 

Every year we enjoy fireworks, family reunions, parades, and baseball games in the name of freedom and in honor of this special day. However, it is also important to take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of those we love. Here are some precautions from Signal 88 Security that you can take to protect what is important to you before heading out to celebrate the 4th of July:

  • Make sure to check that all windows and doors are locked. Burglars may try to take advantage of your absence.
  • Avoid declaring your plans to head out of town on social media. The more people who know that you are gone, the more at risk you are of a break-in.
  • Mail piled up in your mailbox and on your front doorstep are a sign of absence. Ask someone you trust to gather your mail while you are gone.
  • Install timers on light switches and the TV to give unwanted visitors the impression you are home.

These simple ideas can help keep your investments safe and give you peace of mind while you are gone. Happy Independence Day!

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