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National Apartment Housing Day

Apr 4, 2017 4:53:57 PM / by Signal 88 Security

Today, apartment complexes are home to many people around the world. Usually, this style of housing provides a high level of value for its tenants; many of which offer pools, workout areas, security services, and proximity to other valuable resources. However, was it always this way?

History shows that apartment style complexes date back to the Roman Empire, where cities with large amounts of citizens created a necessity for communal living structures. Individual houses were primarily owned by wealthy, influential people.

In the United States, however, apartment complexes gained traction in New York City in the early 19th century due to the influx of thousands of immigrants who were traveling to America in search of opportunity. In 80 years, the population of New York City nearly doubled. To address the drastic need for housing, individual homes were divided into multi-family units creating the first American apartment buildings.

Due to the circumstances that brought these first multi-family dwellings into being, lighting was horrible and many buildings were cramped and poorly ventilated. Today, however, many people will pay top dollar for luxury apartments near beaches, shopping centers, sports stadiums, and more.

Signal 88 Security currently offers peace of mind for thousands of families who rely on apartments for safe and affordable housing. Join us today (April 6th) in Recognizing National Apartment Housing Day. This is a great time to take advantage of the many incredible offerings of the industry.

An astounding $1.3 trillion is added to the economy every year due to the contributions of apartment complexes and their residents. This equates to more than 12.3 million jobs that are provided by apartments and the industry that supports them: construction, operations, leasing, management, security, and other local businesses that are supported by apartments and their residents.

National Apartment Housing Day marks the growth of the industry. Multifamily Executive reported that the year 2016 earned a 10-year high in apartment lease and renewal rates and created thousands of jobs for veterans, and American workers.

To join Signal 88 Security in celebrating National Apartment Housing Day, visit or use the hashtag #aptday on social media.


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