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Creating Peace of Mind

Providing you with detailed content to assist in providing peace of mind.
Signal 88 Security
Why Hire a Private Security Company?

When it comes to providing peace of mind for your residents, customers,..

Signal 88 Security
Security 101: Home Safety Tips for This Summer

During the summer months it's important to make sure you are taking the..

Signal 88 Security
Security 101: Memorial Day Safety Tips

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of the summer season, but also..

Signal 88 Security
Franchising Growth: Signal 88 by the Numbers

At Signal 88 Security we are proud of the growth we've experienced in the 10..

Signal 88 Security
Security 101: Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road: Protecting Your Vehicle from Summer Theft

Signal 88 Security
The Patrol Difference from Signal 88

Signal 88 Security's roving mobile patrol service is unlike any other in the..

Signal 88 Security
Security 101: Heat Wave, Crime Wave

Summer is right around the corner, which means with the increase in..

Signal 88 Security
How Security Can Increase Your Savings

There's a common thought among property managers that adding a service such..

Signal 88 Security
Client Reporting: Transparency & Accountability

Integrity is important to us as we strive to provide honest and impartial..

Signal 88 Security
Signal 88: Industry Leader in Technology

Technology is the cornerstone of how we provide peace of mind to those we..

Signal 88 Security
Mobile Patrols vs. Courtesy Officers: What's The Best Option?

Are courtesy officers the best security option for your community?

Signal 88 Security
The Benefits of a Comprehensive Security Assessment

Do you know what's going on around your property when you're not around?..

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